Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
17.02 2022 Spring Local Senates Increase Part-Time Faculty Representation and Communication through Local Part-Time Faculty Liaisons Part-Time Faculty Committee
19.01 2021 Spring Professional Standards Create a Paper on Part-Time Faculty Equity Part-Time Faculty Committee
01.02 2020 Fall Academic Senate Develop a Resource to Communicate and Encourage Part-time Faculty Leadership Part-Time Faculty Committee
15.01 2019 Spring Intersegmental Issues Response to California State University Admission Restrictions Due to Impaction ICAS Representatives
15.03 2019 Spring Intersegmental Issues Encourage Accelerating Timeline for General Education Articulation ICAS Representatives
01.01 2016 Spring Academic Senate Mentoring Programs for Part-Time Faculty Part-Time Faculty Committee
09.05 2014 Fall Curriculum General Education Patterns for Community College Baccalaureate Degrees ICAS Representatives
01.01 2014 Spring Academic Senate Election Signatures Discrepancies Elections Operational Committee
11.01 2012 Fall Technology Pursue Statewide Open Educational Resources for Student Success Technology Committee
19.02 2012 Spring Professional Standards Academic Freedom and Electronic Communication Technology Committee
19.06 2011 Fall Professional Standards Student Equity for eTranscripts Technology Committee
11.01 2006 Fall Technology Total Cost of Information Technology Technology Committee
11.03 2006 Fall Technology Distance Education Survey Reports Technology Committee
11.01 2006 Spring Technology E-texts Technology Committee
09.05 R 2005 Fall Curriculum Distance Education Review of New Distance Education Modalities Technology Committee
09.05.01 R 2005 Fall Curriculum Amend Resolution 9.05 Technology Committee
11.05 2001 Fall Technology Course Evaluation Forms for Distance Education Course Technology Committee
11.02 2001 Spring Technology Web Accessibility Technology Committee
11.01 1999 Fall Technology Technology Clearinghouse Technology Committee
11.06 1999 Fall Technology Administrative Computing Systems Survey Technology Committee
11.03 1999 Spring Technology Process to Administer Testing for Distance Learning Courses Technology Committee
01.08 1998 Spring Academic Senate Technology and Senate Committees Technology Committee
11.07 1998 Spring Technology DETAC Technology Committee
11.01 1996 Fall Technology Title 5 Guidelines Technology Committee
11.02 1996 Fall Technology Technology Support Plans Technology Committee