Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee
01.01 1994 Fall Academic Senate Improving the Resolution Voting Process Unassigned
01.02 1994 Fall Academic Senate In Memory of Jonnah Laroche Unassigned
01.03 1994 Fall Academic Senate Research Positions for Academic Senate Unassigned
01.04 1994 Fall Academic Senate Resolution Report Unassigned
01.05 1994 Fall Academic Senate Resolution Process Unassigned
01.06 1994 Fall Academic Senate Rostrum Shared Governance Articles Relations with Local Senates Committee
01.07 1994 Fall Academic Senate Standing Committee for New Technology Unassigned
01.08 1994 Fall Academic Senate Academic Calendar Unassigned
09.01 1994 Fall Curriculum Integrated Outline of Record Unassigned
09.02 1994 Fall Curriculum Special Education Courses Unassigned
16.01 1994 Fall Library and Learning Resources Master Plan Planning Guide (Document Available in Senate Office) Unassigned
16.02 1994 Fall Library and Learning Resources Role of Librarians in Curricular Process Unassigned
16.03 1994 Fall Library and Learning Resources Fiscal Support for Learning Resources Unassigned
01.01 1994 Spring Academic Senate Information Sharing Unassigned
01.02 1994 Spring Academic Senate Yearly Calendar Unassigned
01.03 1994 Spring Academic Senate State Committees and Task Forces Unassigned
01.04 1994 Spring Academic Senate InfoNet Unassigned
01.05 1994 Spring Academic Senate Position Paper Summary Abstracts Unassigned
01.06 1994 Spring Academic Senate CPEC Legislation: The Academic Senate Unassigned
01.07 1994 Spring Academic Senate Legislative Positions Unassigned
01.08 1994 Spring Academic Senate Pre-session Information Unassigned
01.09 1994 Spring Academic Senate Continued Funding for Forum Unassigned
01.10 1994 Spring Academic Senate Document Filing Unassigned
08.01 1994 Spring Curriculum Curriculum Committee Curriculum Committee
08.02 1994 Spring Curriculum Academic Senate President Sign-off Unassigned