Adopted Resolutions

Resolution Number Year Session Topic Title Committee Status
17.04 2022 Fall Local Senates Advancing Equal Employment Opportunity Policies and Practices within Hiring Committees Equity and Diversity Action Committee, Educational Policies Committee
17.01 2008 Fall Local Senates Basic Skills Initiative - Local Implementation Consultation Unassigned Completed
17.02 2008 Fall Local Senates Basic Skills Opportunities Unassigned Completed
17.03 2008 Fall Local Senates Support for Local Senate Staff Training Unassigned Assigned
17.04 2008 Fall Local Senates Selecting Faculty Department Chairs Unassigned Assigned
17.01 2001 Fall Local Senates Planning and Budget Paper Unassigned Completed
17.02 2001 Fall Local Senates Department Chairs Unassigned Completed
17.03 2001 Fall Local Senates Probationary Faculty Involvement in Academic Senates Unassigned Completed
17.04 2001 Fall Local Senates Small College Participation Unassigned Completed
17.08 2001 Fall Local Senates Duties, Responsibilities, and Limitations of the Division/Department Chair Positions Unassigned Completed
19.01 2001 Fall Local Senates Part-Time Office Hours Unassigned Completed
19.02 2001 Fall Local Senates Part-time Faculty Contact with Students Unassigned Completed
17.03 2002 Spring Local Senates Voter Registration and Student Mobilization Unassigned Completed
17.04 2002 Spring Local Senates Faculty Evaluation of Administrators Unassigned Completed
09.01 1991 Fall Local Senates Faculty Acknowledgement Unassigned Assigned
09.02 1991 Fall Local Senates Sexual Harassment Unassigned Assigned
09.03 1991 Fall Local Senates Funding Academic Senates Unassigned Assigned
09.04 1991 Fall Local Senates Support for Local Senates Unassigned Assigned
06.01 1991 Spring Local Senates Local Distribution of Resolutions Unassigned Assigned
06.02 1991 Spring Local Senates Class Scheduling Unassigned Assigned
3 1991 Spring Local Senates Reassigned Time Unassigned Assigned
17.01 1994 Fall Local Senates Notification of Committee Appointments Unassigned Assigned
16.01 1994 Spring Local Senates Internet/InfoNet Unassigned Assigned
16.02 1994 Spring Local Senates Geocluster Realignment Unassigned Assigned
16.03 1994 Spring Local Senates Brown Act Provisions Unassigned Assigned